Emergency Loan Intro

Newlife runs the UK’s only Emergency Equipment Loan service, providing equipment free of charge to children who are in very urgent need. This emergency service is for those children who cannot wait for equipment, because there is a significant risk of injury, the child has a shortened life expectancy and/or complex unstable conditions. We can also provide an emergency equipment loan so a child can be discharged from hospital and hospice. Newlife aims to deliver all emergency equipment loans within 72 hours. The initial loan term for the emergency equipment is six months and is often to address a short term, urgent need. Note, the loan period can be extended subject to approval by Newlife.

We will assess the urgency of the need by considering the impact on the child/young person’s health, safety and quality of life. If we award an emergency equipment loan, we will place the order and aim to deliver the equipment within 72 hours. Training on how to use the equipment (if necessary) is carried out by the supplier or supporting local professional.

You can apply for equipment through any of our grant and loan services as often as the child/young person requires essential equipment to meet their specialist needs.

Emergency Equipment

The suite of equipment includes beds/cots, wheelchairs and buggies, seating and hoists. The availability and type of equipment will vary day to day as equipment is returned and new items added. All equipment is clinically cleaned, refurbished, technically tested and maintained by professional equipment specialists and suppliers prior to each loan. To view the equipment available through this service and availability, please visit www.newlifecharity.co.uk/eel

Lilly's Story

“For three-year-old Lilly night-time is a nightmare. She repeatedly bangs her head against the side of her cot bed, gets her arms and legs stuck, leaving her bruised and at serious risk of injury. Lilly has severe developmental delay and no awareness of danger. Her mum Marie barely sleeps, staying awake to make sure Lilly doesn’t hurt herself. Although she’s applied to local health services for a specialist padded bed, it will take months to process. In desperation she turned to Newlife who recognised the severity and urgency of the family’s situation and delivered a specialist bed for Lilly within 24 hours through its Emergency Equipment Loan service. Marie said: “The loan bed has made a massive difference to our lives, night time is much more peaceful now!”

What You Can Expect

Newlife covers all costs towards the loan of this equipment, including;

Installation and adaptations Training Maintenance Insurance

Additionally once the equipment has been received, we will proactively work with local health and social care professional to ensure child-centred collaboration so those with a statutory and legal responsibility to fund appropriate equipment provide a longer term solution.

Upon receipt of your application, we will inform you if the piece of equipment you require is still available (and if not explore alternative options). Newlife will also contact your named supporting professional to ensure that the equipment is appropriate to meet the child/young person’s needs. Once we have enough information to progress with provision we will confirm that the costs have been authorised and arrange delivery at a mutually agreed time - usually within 72 hours of receiving information from your professional.

if you have any questions, please contact our care services for free on:

Phone-number0800 902 0095


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