Equipment Application Clarity

If you need clarity regarding which professional to approach to support this application, please don’t hesitate to call Newlife’s Child and Family Support Team! Generally speaking, you should consider whether the qualification of the named professional is appropriate given the type of equipment and the need for the equipment. If the need for the requested equipment is to manage a child’s postural needs then a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or nurse involved in providing ongoing care could complete the additional form. If the equipment is predominantly needed to address safety risks then a social worker, portage worker or occupational therapist providing social care support through your local authority could complete the form. Irrespective of who is named as an appropriate supporting professional, please ensure that they are aware you are sharing their details with us.

If there are problems getting a local professional employed by a statutory service to support an application, we can consider accepting a privately funded assessment or assessment completed by a professional employed by a different charity who provides regular support to the child. We do not normally fund private assessments for equipment, but can under exceptional circumstances.

What are the possible outcomes?

In completing this application that highlights the need for equipment, you are accepting that Newlife’s Child and Family Support Team can review the circumstances detailed in the application form and make one of four decisions that will be communicated to you at our earliest opportunity to try and avoid any distress:

  1. Application Outcome – Offer of an Emergency Equipment Loan
  2. You may be offered a fixed-term loan (normally initially for six months to meet short-term urgent needs) and during this loan we will help you explore how to get an assessment and/or secure financial support that meets your child’s long-term needs. The equipment provided belongs to the charity and as such there are different terms and conditions associated with this option. This option is completely free and reserved for children who are at immediate risk of injury without the requested equipment and/or have a life-threatening/limiting condition or terminal illness and need equipment that we have within our equipment loan suite. The child also must be a permanent resident of the UK. Please note that the specifications of Cots/Beds, Buggies, Hoists and Seating Systems and their availability can be found at

  3. Application Outcome – Offer of an Equipment Grant
  4. Depending on whether you receive particular benefits and therefore are assessed as being on a low-income, and also taking into account whether there is an urgent need for the requested equipment, will determine if you are offered 80% or 100% of the value of the requested equipment. If you are in receipt of certain benefits or the need for equipment is assessed by Newlife as urgent, you will not be asked to contribute to the cost of the equipment. If this isn’t the case, we will ask you to fund 20% up to a ceiling of £2,000 privately or sought from another funding organisation. You must not place the order for the equipment yourself otherwise it invalidates the application.

  5. Application Outcome – A commitment to seek funds for an Equipment Grant
  6. We may be in a position where our assessment identifies that the need for the equipment is comparably less urgent, but we would want to afford a grant if we had the funds. So we will agree the grant ‘in principle’ and then try to secure the funds needed. In this situation, we can work with you and your local community and/or our existing supporters to seek funds specifically for your child. We will keep you up to date with our efforts, and will give you a clear timeframe during which we would hope to secure funds. This timeframe is individual to your application. You must not place the order for the equipment yourself, in the hope that we will commit funds.

  7. Application Outcome – We are unable to commit funds
  8. If, after due consideration, we find that we are unable to offer an emergency loan or an equipment grant, we will write to you as soon as possible so that you can be in a position to make an application to other organisations. We will endeavour to provide signposting information. Our decision not to commit funds, isn’t our way of saying that the equipment isn’t needed. It’s just that demand is high and unfortunately funds may not be available at this time. You can apply multiple times each year.

    The outcome is finalised through a thorough review of each application by the Child and Family Support Team. They will use professional knowledge and experience regarding the needs of children with disabilities, and the impact of equipment provision, to determine the extent to which we have enough information to make a decision. You can expect this outcome to be communicated in a compassionate and transparent way, but if you wish to complain or appeal the outcome, please email the Child and Family Support Team Senior Manager at [email protected]

if you have any questions, please contact our care services for free on:

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