Equipment Grants Outcomes

Newlife funds a wide range of essential equipment including specialist seating, wheelchairs, beds and communication aids. We will consider funding computers/portable tablets if it is necessary to manage the child/young person’s inability to verbally communicate. We will assess if we can help by considering the impact on the child/young person’s health, quality of life and safety. We will also assess the impact of inappropriate or no provision on the parent/carer’s ability to support the child/young person’s daily care needs. This assessment will help us define whether the equipment is essential. If we award a grant we will place the order, arrange delivery and, where possible, installation. Training on how to use the equipment (if necessary) is carried out by the supplier or supporting local professional.

Families can indicate the type of equipment needed. But a supporting professional must provide details of the specification.

For operational reasons, we cannot fund adaptations to cars or properties, therapy/treatment costs, white goods and holidays.

All our grants are for the benefit of an individual child/ young person. We cannot provide equipment for group use. If you need any of these types of support, please call our National Nurse Helpline and we may be able to signpost you to another organisation.

You can apply for equipment through any of our grant and loan services as often as your child/young person requires essential equipment to meet their specialist needs.

Application Assessment

All applications are reviewed by a Newlife Nurse upon receipt. They use their skills and paediatric experience to assess the urgency of need. If they believe the need is urgent, they can ‘fast-track’ the application so that funds are committed to help on the same day as receiving the application. If the application does not need to be ‘fast tracked’, we will identify an appropriate time period during which we will look to secure funding from supporters and local NHS and Social Care Services. We will let you know our decision usually within two weeks of receiving your application, dependent on demand for our services.

Application Outcome

We will normally write to you (ideally using a given email address) to inform you of one of the following three outcomes:

Outcome 1 - The funding is agreed, the equipment is ordered, and a delivery date will be provided. The applicant becomes the owner of the equipment, once Newlife receives acknowledgment of delivery, and subsequently is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. For complex equipment, such as powered wheelchairs, the suppliers often offer a package at a flat fee to cover this, for which the owner will be responsible to fund. In the case of wheelchairs, if the local wheelchair services department offers vouchers towards the cost, they may agree to be responsible for maintenance.

When the equipment provided becomes no longer useful to you, Newlife can accept donations of equipment. Please call 01543 431465 or email [email protected] to discuss whether we can accept the equipment. If the donation is accepted, it will be collected and refurbished to MHRA standards by trusted professional equipment suppliers/manufacturers and made available to support other families in need of essential equipment.

Outcome 2 - We will give you an ‘In Principle’ decision that we agree there is an essential need for the equipment and we will look to secure funding by a specified date - determined by the information within the application form. We do not receive government funding, and are heavily reliant on community fundraising support.

Outcome 3 - If, after due consideration, we find that we are unable to award a grant, we will write to you as soon as possible so that you can make an application elsewhere. Newlife Nurses may be able to give you information about other organisations or services that could help.

To appeal the outcome, or complain about the application process, please email the Senior Care Services Manager at [email protected] who will report it to the governance department, and periodically to the trustees, while trying to find a compassionate resolution.

if you have any questions, please contact our care services for free on:

Phone-number0800 902 0095

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