Play Therapy Intro

Newlife provides the free loan of specialist developmental toys to families who have a disabled or terminally ill child. This is primarily for use at home, but the nature of the toys provided means they can be used in a variety of care settings and during journeys. Each pod consists of a variety of specialist toys chosen by Newlife's Play Specialist to support a variety of ages, sizes and abilities. For more information about the contents, and guidance about the type of Play Therapy Pod that you may find beneficial using with your child, please call 0800 902 0095 to speak with Newlife's Care Services Team.

Specialist Toys

All children learn about the world around them through play, and Newlife are encouraging playful engagement between children and their parents by offering the free loan of specialist toys. Every item is carefully considered and Newlife takes into account medical conditions, known allergies or sensitivities and ensures the items are safe, clean and appropriate before they are dispatched – delivered directly to the family home.

The Pod

The Play Therapy Pods are designed to take into account the size, disabilities and developmental needs of the child. Families can indicate which Pod they think will support their child’s needs by selecting the most appropriate for their child from a choice of ten Pods. You may also apply for multiple loans to support your child’s development. Newlife’s Care Services Team are available for help when completing the application form – simply call 0800 902 0095 (Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm and Wednesdays until 7pm) for support.

Elliott's Story

Elliott, aged five and from Huddersfield, is enjoying his second loan. Mum Lori Wood says: "The first box was full of tactile toys like wooden building blocks and a kaleidoscope. He would choose what he wanted to play with and we would concentrate on those toys, which we used to develop his school-based learning programme. Using the toys is benefitting Elliott enormously. There is no way we would be able to go out and buy all these things ourselves."

Avy's Story

Avy, from Nottingham, was aged four when he first used a Play Therapy Pod. Mum Chitra Acharya says "We have just received our second Play Therapy Pod Loan – and Avy loves them. The pod contains lots of specialist sensory toys which are carefully chosen for children’s individual needs and this means Avy responds really well to them. The health professionals who work with us at home have been very impressed with the range."

What you can expect

As parents, teachers, therapists and social care professionals know, the use of toys can help children in many ways. They can teach cause and effect, assist with developing hand/eye coordination and promote understanding about balance and movement, while encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills. They can also stimulate audio and visual senses and many children find comfort and distraction from pain or distress through play.

Newlife knows that providing appropriate toys can also help families come together through play and develop their relationships and communication with each other. This service can really support quality time together for families across the UK.

Please consider some of these points when completing this simple and short application form.

Following receipt of a completed application, we will add your details to our secure database and will contact you as soon as an appropriate Play Therapy Pod is available so we can mutually agree arrangements for delivery. We contact you after the loan period is complete (12 weeks) to arrange collection. Please note that failed deliveries and collections mean that Newlife incurs extra costs that need to be avoided to ensure that this remains a free service.

if you have any questions, please contact our care services for free on:

Phone-number0800 902 0095

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