Play Therapy Pod Application Form

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Newlife provides the free loan of specialist developmental toys to families who have a disabled or terminally ill child. This is primarily for use at home, but the nature of the toys provided means they can be used in a variety of care settings and during journeys. Each pod consists of a variety of specialist toys chosen by Newlife's Play Specialist to support a variety of ages, sizes and abilities. For more information about the contents, and guidance about the type of Play Therapy Pod that you may find beneficial using with your child, please call 0800 902 0095 to speak with Newlife's Care Services Team.

Specialist Toys

All children learn about the world around them through play, and Newlife are encouraging playful engagement between children and their parents by offering the free loan of specialist toys. Every item is carefully considered and Newlife takes into account medical conditions, known allergies or sensitivities and ensures the items are safe, clean and appropriate before they are dispatched – delivered directly to the family home.

The Pod

The Play Therapy Pods are designed to take into account the size, disabilities and developmental needs of the child. Families can indicate which Pod they think will support their child’s needs by selecting the most appropriate for their child from a choice of ten Pods. You may also apply for multiple loans to support your child’s development. Newlife’s Care Services Team are available for help when completing the application form – simply call 0800 902 0095 (Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm and Wednesdays until 7pm) for support.

Elliott's Story

Elliott, aged five and from Huddersfield, is enjoying his second loan. Mum Lori Wood says: "The first box was full of tactile toys like wooden building blocks and a kaleidoscope. He would choose what he wanted to play with and we would concentrate on those toys, which we used to develop his school-based learning programme. Using the toys is benefitting Elliott enormously. There is no way we would be able to go out and buy all these things ourselves."

Avy's Story

Avy, from Nottingham, was aged four when he first used a Play Therapy Pod. Mum Chitra Acharya says "We have just received our second Play Therapy Pod Loan – and Avy loves them. The pod contains lots of specialist sensory toys which are carefully chosen for children’s individual needs and this means Avy responds really well to them. The health professionals who work with us at home have been very impressed with the range."

What you can expect

As parents, teachers, therapists and social care professionals know, the use of toys can help children in many ways. They can teach cause and effect, assist with developing hand/eye coordination and promote understanding about balance and movement, while encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills. They can also stimulate audio and visual senses and many children find comfort and distraction from pain or distress through play.

Newlife knows that providing appropriate toys can also help families come together through play and develop their relationships and communication with each other. This service can really support quality time together for families across the UK.

Please consider some of these points when completing this simple and short application form.

Following receipt of a completed application, we will add your details to our secure database and will contact you as soon as an appropriate Play Therapy Pod is available so we can mutually agree arrangements for delivery. We contact you after the loan period is complete (12 weeks) to arrange collection. Please note that failed deliveries and collections mean that Newlife incurs extra costs that need to be avoided to ensure that this remains a free service.

Managing Your Information

Newlife can help you in many ways, if you would like to access this support, please tick the boxes below. The permissions associated within this section refer to the applicant’s details rather than anyone else referred to in the application.

If ‘Yes’, you can expect that we will contact you initially to provide details about all of our Care Services and then potentially as we develop and update each individual service.

If ‘Yes’, we will only share this information. We know that our supporters are inspired when we tell them about the children we have helped or wish to help, so it’s important we can share some basic information. This is common with most charities who are highly dependent on the public to help them raise funds to meet the needs of children and their families.

If ‘Yes’, please note that this can be sent by email to [email protected] or by Royal Mail standard delivery.

If ‘Yes’, Newlife will email or telephone you three months after equipment has been provided.

If ‘Yes’, our media team will contact you once the equipment has been delivered to find out how it has helped the child/young person and if appropriate, your family as a whole. If you wish to help us develop a media story for awareness or fundraising purposes, the media team will seek additional permissions.

If ‘Yes’, as fundraising and volunteering opportunities arise, we will contact you to see if you would like to offer support; on average this would not be more than five times a year.

We, Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children, are the ‘Controllers’ of the personal data and health information we collect. We need to collect and process certain information to allow us to provide any of the named Care Services below. To see Newlife’s full privacy notice, please visit

Who Is Completing This Form?

This form would normally be completed by someone with parental responsibility and/or the main carer of the child/young person who needs equipment. However, if a child/young person aged 12 or over wishes to be treated as the applicant and is usually regarded as capable of making decisions associated with their own care i.e. they have the mental and emotional development to make sound decisions, then Newlife commits to treating this child/young person as the applicant within the application for equipment.

Please note that the child/young person must be over 12 years to complete this form and subsequently be considered as the applicant. If the child/young person is to be contacted directly regarding this application, please still complete the section below to provide parent/carer details so that they can be informed and involved in future communications.

Parent/Carer’s Details

The details given below should relate to someone who will take responsibility for the loaned toys, following a successful application. Care should be given in line with the terms and conditions listed within this application form.

Please provide as much detail as possible because Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loans consider the wider impact that equipment provision has on the main carer’s ability to deliver care.

We are keen to ensure that parent/carers are accessing appropriate levels of support.

In providing this information, our Care Services Team will consider the implications of provision on other children/siblings.

Parent/Carer Demographic Information

This information helps us to shape our services and support communities throughout the UK. We also use information within our fundraising applications to demonstrate the support we provide. Decision to withhold information will not affect the progress of your application.

Need Support Or Information?

Want To Speak With A Newlife Nurse?

Newlife’s Care Services Team readily use confidential translation services. We want you to feel comfortable when raising sensitive questions or discussing important matters.

Phone-number0800 902 0095

Simply call (free from UK mobiles and landlines) and inform a Nurse of your preferred language.

Newlife Nurses will provide caring emotional support and useful information regarding:

  • Access to health & social care professionals.
  • Rights & benefits.
  • Local & national services.
  • Delivery of care in the community.
  • Rare & complex conditions.

Child/Young Person’s Details

This section is designed to capture the details of the child/young person who will be using the Play Therapy Pod following a successful application for a Play Therapy Pod. The minimum eligibility requirements for a Play Therapy Pod loan - the short-term loan of specialist toys - are that the child/young person is a permanent UK resident, has a significant disability which affects their daily life (including a life threatening/limiting condition or has been diagnosed as terminally ill) and is under 19 years of age.


(please tick all that apply and provide details below regarding the severity to which they affect daily life)

If yes, this will be specifically requested and does not need to be provided when submitting this application.

Please note that if we believe there to be an associated risk we will remove items from the Play Therapy Pod before provision.

Please note that if we believe there to be an associated risk we will remove items from the Play Therapy Pod before provision.

Diagnosis And Services

Newlife retain the right to capture more information through a short telephone interview, if there isn’t enough detail provided within this application form, in order to authorise the costs associated with the loan. Therefore, it is worthwhile noting that the quality of information provided in this application form will directly affect the pace at which we can provide the Play Therapy Pod.

Newlife defines a significant disability as being a physical and/or cognitive impairment which affects activities of daily living. A life-threatening condition should be defined as a condition whereby the next period of ill health would make it likely that lifesustaining intervention would be needed. Newlife defines a life-limiting condition as a condition that results in a shortened life expectancy, as opposed to having limited life experiences that could affect quality of life. A terminal illness is generally defined as not being expected to live longer than six months and/or a person who has an advanced care plan to meet end of life care needs.

If yes, this will be specifically requested and does not need to be provided when submitting this application.

As an organisation that isn't directly involved in the child's care, a historical perspective of safeguarding concerns can be helpful when understanding the reason for this application.

Types Of Play Therapy Pods

All of our Play Therapy Pods are designed to provide quality opportunities to support a variety of areas of development. The Play Therapy Pods are to be used under adult supervision to allow for greater play/learning opportunities. Whilst purposeful play will help an individual child, the loan of the Play Therapy Pod can bring the whole family enjoyment.

Our Play Therapy Pods contain visual, auditory, tactile and interactive specialist toys - which have been placed into different categories for parents to choose from.

We recognise that all children's development is unique to them, and children may need toys that are better suited to their mental and emotional development. As such we will happily accept applications for any pods that don't exceed your child's physical age. Do not hesitate to select multiple Play Therapy Pods to provide limitless joy within one application.

If you need support in identifying the type of pod that would offer the most support, please don't hesitate to contact Newlife's Care Services Team on 0800 902 0095 or liaise with your local professional to help identify ways to use the toys in line with any existing developmental plans which you may have.

We also have a useful family resource 'Powerful Play' available to access via our website.

Visual Toys

encourage visual focus, coordination and stimulation.

Auditory Toys

make noises and encourage auditory stimulation.

Tactile Toys

will stimulate touch and encourage associated motor functions.

Interactive Toys

demonstrate cause and effect and encourage interactive play.

Communication Toys

encourage an understanding of different ways to communicate thoughts, ideas, wants and needs.

(please tick all that apply)

(please tick all that apply)

(please tick all that apply)

(please tick all that apply)

Please tell us how you feel the requested loan of Play Therapy Pod/s will support your child's development in the following areas:

Supporting Professional’s Details

Please ensure that the professional named below is aware of the application as they may be needed to complete an additional form confirming the child/young person’s eligibility for this service and/or facilitate deliveries and collections. This professional is not needed to confirm your choices of Play Therapy Pod. Please be aware that in order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) then you must have received as a minimum verbal confirmation from the professional, to be named below, that they are willing to have their details shared with Newlife.

We reserve the right to request an additional form is completed. If this additional form is requested we will share a copy of this application form. If the additional form is not completed, the loan of a Play Therapy Pod may not be provided.

Conditions of a Play Therapy Pod Loan

In making this application you are agreeing to:

    1. All the information given in this application process is accurate and representative of the need for this service.
    2. Not use the items within the Play Therapy Pod until you have read all the instructions included in the pod and to agree to always follow all instructions and recommendations provided to you by us, the manufacturer or supplier of the items included in the Pod. The information supplied covers health and safety aspects and guidance for looking after the contents during the loan period.
    3. To be responsible for the loan of a Pod for around 12 weeks. Within this 12 week period, if you no longer need the Pod, we need you to tell us as soon as possible so we can arrange for it to be collected from your home. This will usually be within three working days, but we will agree a suitable date for this collection with you. If you need it for longer than 12 weeks we will liaise with you regarding an extension or change of provision.
    4. ell us if the Pod and its contents become unsuitable for your child to use, due to changes in need or circumstances.
    5. The Play Therapy Pod and its contents remains the property of Newlife and we retain the right to recall the pod and its contents. This notice would normally be, but does not need to be, given in writing.
    6. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Pod and contents are properly looked after. If the contents are lost, stolen or damaged whilst in your possession then you must let us know as soon as possible. We will arrange for the Pod and contents to be inspected and if possible replaced.
    7. We may provide some items which require supervision due to the presence of small parts. These toys provided are only suitable for use as long as they remain intact. If they are broken, you are agreeing to immediately inform us, ensure that these toys are not played with and put in a separate carrier bag, so that when the Pod is returned we can identify the broken toy. Failure to supervise use of toys, or to isolate broken toys, may result in a choking hazard and subsequent injury.
    8. Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children are the ‘Controllers’ of the personal data and health information we collect. We need to collect and process certain information to allow us to provide any of the named Care Services below. To see Newlife’s full privacy notice, please visit
    9. In the process of arranging delivery of Play Therapy Pods, it is implicit that we must share personal information with trusted third-party companies who deliver this service to your home. Our agreements restrict their ability to use this data outside of the intended purpose for which it was provided.
    10. The Play Therapy Pod and contents are provided to you as a charitable act. We will therefore only be responsible for any loss or damage that you suffer in connection with this Agreement, to the extent that we are able to claim for such loss or damage under our insurance.

(name of parent/carer)

if you have any questions, please contact our care services for free on:

Phone-number0800 902 0095

Newlife Centre, Hemlock Way, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 7GF. Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children - Registered Charity Number: 1170125 in England & Wales

We, Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children are the ‘controllers’ of the information which we collect about you. We are committed to protecting your personal data, whether it is sensitive or not, and we only process data if we need to for a specific purpose. We collect and process data to campaign locally and nationally on behalf of disabled, terminally ill children and their families. To see Newlife’s full Privacy notice, please visit